Size : XL (12 – 17 kg)

Packing : 22 PCS


  1. 360°Stretchable Waistband
  2. Super absorbent & Ultrathin core
  3. Double Soft leak guards
  4. Breathable materials
  5. Wetness Indicator
  6. Super soft bubbles topsheet

Choosing diapers is nothing more than two points: 

  • Absorbency and Breathability.
  • Good absorption, no leakage, and a good night’s sleep with one tablet;
  • Good air permeability, not stuffy, dry but not red


  • Super breathable materials
  • non-reverse osmosis, baby’s skin can always be kept dry
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Chlorine Bleaching 0%
  • Perfume  0%
  • Parabens 0%
  • Latex 0%

You can be certain that every component of this product has been tested for harmful substances and that the product therefore is harmless for human health

Product Origin:China


  1. 360°Stretchable Waistband-For fitting to baby’s body and a comfortable fit however baby moves
  2. Super absorbent & Ultrathin core– Durable SAP without any bunching or separation ensures long lasting dryness
  3. Double Soft leak guards– To prevent leakage while minimize thigh irritation
  4. Breathable materials– To protect baby’s skin from rashes
  5. Wetness Indicator– Colour change indicates the need to change diapers
  6. Super soft bubbles topsheet– Doesn’t irritate baby’s skin and guarantees air circulation